Lothgar Online is an Online RPG built in a classic style, paying homage to 1980s RPGs such as Ultima, Questron, Legacy of the Ancients, Magic Candle, Deathlord and Wrath of Denethenor.

We are Live!

The game is live, however account creation from Asylumsoft.com is not functioning properly. The Acount link will take you to Asylumsoft.com for account creation. Please use that site to create your new account which will be used for all Asylumsoft games. Enjoy the game!!


  • Large Dynamic World
  • Hundreds of Dangerous creatures to hunt
  • Endless treasures and powerful artifacts
  • Brutal Player-vs-Player where you can loot the fallen
  • Multi-Tiered Guild System
  • Guild-vs-Guild battle-areas
  • In-depth crafting system
  • Skill-based player progression system
  • No cookie cutter classes – define your own build
  • Epic quests
  • In-depth attunement access to high end areas and content